oZone Token Utilities

The oZone ecosystem will be powered by the OOO token. It will offer different utilities
and different use cases. The OOO utilities are as follows.

oZone Pay

The oZone pay is a payment system dedicated to making interactions between merchants and customers easier than before. Ozone pay will be implemented in shops, restaurants, etc. With ozone pay, users can pay for their expenses with a few simple steps via fiat or cryptocurrency. This provides users with a much better experience when they need to pay for something and hopefully will help adopt cryptocurrencies in the general public.

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oZone Wallet

All users need to access their funds any time, anywhere, and securely. oZone wallet helps them achieve that. It is designed for experienced and inexperienced users, supports various blockchains (BTC, ETH, XLM, etc.) and thousands of ERC-20 tokens. The wallet will be downloadable to any Android and IOS operating system. Also web version of the wallet will be available for users on other platforms.

In addition to traditional functionalities in web 3.0 wallets, users can use the Ozone wallet to transact fiat currencies. Currently, Master card, Visa card, IBAN, Western union, and Swift transfers are supported on our platform, and more methods will be added shortly.

oZone Team

We bring together everything from balances and bills to
your credit score and more.

Wallets that support OOO

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oZone Roadmap

Lets check oZone roadmap we will launch our apps according to this roadmap!

October 2021

oZone Token

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