Bringing crypto to people's daily lives

Payment Method

Pay expenses with a few simple steps
via cryptocurrencies!

Bank Card

Multi crypto and fiat currency physical
wallet to use as debit card.

Secure Wallet

Crypto online and offline wallet
for keeping and transferring funds.

Trade & Exchange

Most advanced and reliable crypto
exchange for traders.

Crypto School

Education about cryptocurrencies
and market analytics.

oZone Token

oZone Token

OZ is the oZone native token that
powers the oZone framework.

Say hello to oZone super-platform

The oZone ecosystem is comprised of several parts. Our products will be completed after the crowfunding (ICO).

oZone Wallet
oZone Pay
oZone Cards
oZone Terminal
oZone Trader
oZone DEX
oZone Academy
oZone Insurance
astriol feature
astrion dot

Offline Wallet
is Ready!

The oZone offline wallet is a cold multi-asset wallet that allows users to transfer their funds in the most ‎secure way possible. ‎

oZone Offline Wallet can never be hacked since the internet is completely disconnected. The process is mostly user-oriented, and all the node core codes involved are extracted, with simple codes applicable in the user’s computer.

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